Our Farm, Your Pizza


All of our pizzas are baked in our Wood Fired Ovens at a temperature of approx. 800 degrees Farenheit. The oven is fuelled by firewood which we harvest locally and sustainably.


We appreciate that although the pizzas may bake in only 90 seconds, it actually took months or even years for those ingredients to be ready. We use local ingredients.  We grow garlic, root vegetables, beef and other meats for our pizzas. Whenever possible we use seasonal ingredients.


​All of our sauces are deliciously homemade. No Sugar is added to our Marinara Sauce, Curry Sauce, Pesto Sauce or our Roasted Garlic  & Herbs Olive Oil Sauce.


"We grow food because we love to eat great food. For us, producing food became a lifestyle and business because we enjoy sharing the experience with others."

Pizza Crusts:  

Our Dough is cold fermented. This process allows the gluten to breakdown for greater digestibility and flavour.

Traditional Crust: Made with Certified Organic Flour, water, sea salt and yeast.

Multigrain Crust: Certified Organic Flour, Org. Red Fife, Spelt and Kamut Flour.


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