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Pizza Farm is a unique pizza experience. Lovingly made, delicious and nutritious meals

Our Pizza History:

Years ago, we moved to the country, to learn to grow our own food and downshift from the fast pace of the big city, to rural lifestyle closely engaged with nature and the seasons.

The result was a steep learning curve in everything country, from harvesting firewood, market and greenhouse vegetable growing, livestock care of heritage breeds (cattle, pigs, chickens and goats). From hatching chicks, milking goats and making cheese, we have learned so much about food production all while really loving to cook and create new recipes, especially pizza!

We decided to create pizza combinations that featured our delicious farm produce and meats. We built our first masonry oven years ago and since then we have used wood fired ovens large and small and other pizza ovens too! All of our pizzas today are baked with the best ingredients, homemade sauces and organic dough to  result in delicious, creative and nutritious meals. Sold baked and frozen ready to take home and enjoy anytime!


Pizza Crusts:  

Our Dough is cold fermented. This process allows the gluten to breakdown for greater digestibility and flavour.

Traditional Crust: Made with Certified Organic Flour, water, sea salt and yeast.



​All of our sauces are deliciously homemade. No Sugar is added to our Marinara Sauce, Curry Sauce, Pesto Sauce or our Roasted Garlic  & Herbs Olive Oil Sauce.


Our Mozza Cheeseburger pizza is super un
Our garlic in the sauce our grassfed bee
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